«Intel Avoton based lab server»

Sunday 1. March 2015

Our test lab expansion comes in the form of a small Intel Atom(Avoton) powered box. This blog post I'll explain a bit about the choice for the Avoton and the basic preparation before the OS installation.

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«Office Quick Access Toolbar and RES Zero Profile»

Monday 7. April 2014

Consider the following scenario: RES Workspace Manager (WM) User Registry for control of user policy settings and RES WM User Settings for roaming user’s personalization between different clients and operating systems.

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«YouTube RSS to Sharepoint»

Friday 7. March 2014

Short but help full blog post from Kristian Vedøy on how to add a Youtube RSS feed to your SharePoint site(or another RSS Reader for that matter).

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«App-V User Group Conference 2013»

Thursday 10. January 2013

Login Consultants proudly presents the 2nd European App-V User Group Conference, which will take place on February 8th 2013 at Microsoft Netherlands HQ!

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«Using PowerShell to query RES Building Blocks XML files»

Thursday 30. August 2012

PowerShell script example to query RES Workspace Manager Building Blocks.

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«Find Pst file attached to Outlook»

Wednesday 15. August 2012

Short VBscript to find connected .PST files in Outlook 2007 and 2010.

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«App-V XML parsing failure or error A25-00000002 and A65-00000002»

Thursday 26. July 2012

A blog post on an App-V error that currently doesn't seem to be documented online.

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«Book review - Application Virtualization Advanced Guide»

Sunday 24. June 2012

This is my book review on Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide written by Augusto Alvarez.

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«ADM Template for Microsoft Silverlight»

Wednesday 25. January 2012

Since the offical Silverlight page only seems to have the ADMX template, I created an ADM template to use in Group Policy.

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«Updated - Application Virtualization Smackdown Oct. 2011»

Thursday 29. September 2011

Head-to-head analysis of Citrix, Endeavors, InstallFree, Microsoft, Spoon, Symantec and VMware - Update October 2011.

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«Managing the automatic loading of App-V packages»

Tuesday 13. September 2011

How to configure automatic loading of App-V packages in the cache.

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«App-V - Running a command inside the virtual environment»

Wednesday 27. April 2011

A short blog post on how to easily run troubleshooting tools inside App-V packages.

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«App-V - Overview of version 4.6 SP1 related information»

Thursday 10. March 2011

Overview of all the blog posts and other infomation accompaning the release of App-V 4.6 SP1 and MED-V 2.0, which are both part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) version 2011.

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«Spoon.Net - Enable Shortcuts and FTA»

Sunday 13. February 2011

Updated: 13.03.2011 If you, like me, are using applications (or games) available on on a regular basis, you could find it not so practical to start your browser and go to the website and start your favorite application from there.

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«App-V - Read-Only Cache»

Monday 7. February 2011

App-V 4.6 Read-Only Cache video.

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«Microsoft exam 70-669 Desktop Virtualization»

Monday 31. January 2011

Preparation for Microsoft Exam 70-669: TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization

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«Guest post Stealthpuppy's App-V FAQ»

Tuesday 18. January 2011

My guest post for Aaron Parker's

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«Leodesk - MVP for App-V 2011»

Thursday 13. January 2011

Good news on the first day of this year!

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«Leodesk - New website up!»

Monday 10. January 2011 now powered by Umbraco!

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«Leodesk - What is in a name»

Sunday 9. January 2011

Where and why did I came up with the name Leodesk?

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